The Process

  1. Register online

  2. Choose which Odin Valley park you would like to visit

  3. Pick a time

  4. Pay & receive email confirmation 

  5. Day of booking, receive access code

  6. Arrive at your chosen time

  7. Enter access code in gate

  8. Enjoy private use for allocated time

50 mins from



OV Quest - Agility Arena

OV Quest is situated in a smaller area of Odin Valley. 

Open on a weekend and also Tuesdays and Thursdays 

OV Quest has a selection of garden sized fun agility equipment

For 2 dogs maximum for sole use

50 mins for



Pathfinder Park

The Pathfinder Park is just under one acre of grassy fun. Enclosed by a secure 6ft high deer fence, you can use this paddock area to be fully off lead, practise recall and play with toys. 

The Pathfinder Park also has exclusive use of our mixed fun dog agility equipment including jumps, weaves and more.

You will also find in this park OV warrior and new for 2022 Pathfinder

50 mins for



Explorer Park

The Explorer Park is just over an acre of excitement and adventure. Fully secure, this area is like parkour for dogs. Follow the trail around, allowing your dog to explore, climb and exercise.

This park has fixed equipment you wouldn't see on a normal walk, to help stimulate your dogs body and mind.

50 mins for


Evidence of (dog) vaccinations or titre tests needed at point of registration