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Evidence of dog(s) vaccinations or titre tests are needed at the point of registration



The Process

  1. Register online

  2. Choose which Odin Valley park you would like to visit

  3. Pick a time

  4. Pay & receive email confirmation 

  5. Day before your booking, receive access code

  6. Arrive at your chosen time

  7. Enter access code in gate

  8. Enjoy private use for allocated time

50 mins from


OV Quest (30th Oct 2022)_edited.jpg

OV Quest - Agility Arena

OV Quest - Agility Arena is open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

OV Quest is approximately 40m x 15m in size. 

There is a selection of garden sized agility equipment for your dogs to use.

This park can accommodate a maximum of 2 dogs and is for your private use.


We would not recommend this space for reactive dogs as it runs parallel to a road which horses and dogs pass on.  

50 mins for



Pathfinder Park

The Pathfinder Park is just under one acre of grassy fun. Enclosed by a secure 6ft high deer fence and features lots of exciting equipment you wouldn't see on a normal walk. 

The Pathfinder Park features a Sand Pit, Mini Up & Over and many more exciting bits of equipment. 

50 mins for



Explorer Park

The Explorer Park is just over an acre in size. Enclosed by a secure 6ft high deer fence and features lots of exciting equipment you wouldn't see on a normal walk. 

The Explorer Park features a large Up & Over, Tyre Run and Maze to name a few. 

50 mins for


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