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We hope you are looking forward to your visit to Odin Valley Dog Park tomorrow.


Finding Us

  • You’ll find attached some photos to help show the entrance to Green Lane in East Boldon where we are located and a short video explaining how to get access to the park.

  • Please use postcode NE36 0BT which takes you to Green Lane. (Sunderland Road/Greyhound Stadium Road)

Getting Access

  • You’ll receive your access code via text the day before your booking time.

  • When you arrive please park in a free spot and stay in the car until the previous customer have secured their dogs in their cars. Please also keep your dog on the lead until inside the secured area.

  • When you leave you must lock the gate behind you and please wipe the lock ready for our next guest


  • Water will be provided but please bring your own bowl.  

  • Hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes will also be provided.

  • We do not have any toilet facilities on site


The site may be unmanned during your visit, so should you encounter any issues please don’t hesitate to contact our on call team member on 07799227418.


Many thanks and enjoy your visit


Andrew @ Odin Valley



The site may be unmanned during your visit, but someone will always be on call. Please contact us on 07799227418 if you require any help.

Odin Valley Dog Parks are designed to be enjoyed by you and your dog(s), but we want to ensure it stays a safe place for everyone. Here are a few rules to follow, full terms of use can be found here.



1) All dogs must be kept on their leads between the car park and the secure fields, waiting in your vehicle until it is your turn to use the facilities. Please be vigilant of other dogs around to help avoid any issues for nervous and/or reactive dogs.


2) You are responsible for picking up your dogs waste, but we also ask if you see any poo at all, please pick it up. As the fields are large, there is a possibility you may miss your own dogs poo, but if you pick up any you see, others will pick up yours.


3) Do not enter the field if someone is using it. You may use the lock to lock yourself in if you wish to prevent anyone entering whilst you are using the field.


4) On exiting the field, please close the gate properly and always lock the gate behind you, even if someone is waiting to use the field. This will ensure only authorised access is granted.


5) Please leave on time when your booking is up. Bookings are for 50 mins to allow sufficient time and space to safely exit and minimise contact with other users and dogs. This is important as these facilities are intended as a safe space for nervous and reactive dogs.


6) No smoking, grooming, eating or littering on site. Do not leave toys or uneaten treats in the field as dogs may eat them and become ill. Please use the bins provided for all rubbish and take all your belongings with you when you leave.



1) The equipment provided is there to enrich your dogs experience and is intended for dog use only. Please do not climb, sit or lean on the equipment. Before using the facilities, please ensure that your dogs are physically fit and able to use the facilities.


2) Please monitor your dogs wellbeing carefully and stop immediately if any signs of injury or distress are shown. Consider using warm up exercises to ensure risk of injury is minimised.




1) Do not bring your dog to the facilities if they have been unwell in the last 48 hours, this includes diarrhoea and will help prevent spread of any illness to other dogs.


2) Never leave your dogs unattended whilst onsite, and do not leave dogs in vehicles whilst you walk other dogs in the field.

3) As this is an outdoor venue, please ensure you take simple precautions to protect your dogs health after using the site e.g. washing paws and checking for ticks etc.




Failure to adhere to any of the terms of use, will result in refusal of future use of the facilities. Spot checks will take place throughout the day.

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