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Alex & John

We have been looking after Odin Valley since July 2022 and have now officially taken ownership. We both love dogs so this is a dream come true for us. Our role is to ensure your furry friends have a safe, clean and secure environment to enjoy.

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Furry Friends

Bandit & Cooper

Bandit & Cooper are best friends but they are very different. Bandit is laid back and loves a good cuddle, whereas Cooper is 100 mile an hour and prefers wet kisses.

They can sometimes be dog reactive so Odin Valley is the perfect place for them.

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Laurie has worked for Odin Valley since March 2022 and has been an amazing asset to the team. She is currently training to be a midwife and helps out at the park on weekends. Laurie's main duties are to ensure the park is safe and tidy. 

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