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Derek Henderson

Derek photo-2.jpeg

Derek is a professional family and pet photographer living on the beautiful North East coast, specialising in natural, outdoor pet and family photography.

Derek started his busy journey as a Photographer touring the local North East music venues capturing Rock Bands. To help his ears recover between gigs, he looked for 'quieter' subjects to photograph and spent many an hour taking photos of landscapes, birds and wildlife. Wedding couples also approached him to record their memorable day and he set up a home studio to create portfolios, portraits and baby photos.

After many years, he took a break as a photographer but when digital cameras came along, an unusual opportunity arose and he realised how much he missed being a photographer and the pleasure it gave him. Digital cameras opened up fantastic opportunities to capture images that were next to impossible using film. Rejuvenated, Derek threw himself back into landscape, wildlife, in fact all types of photography and he has never looked back.

Turn the clock forward and in 2018, Barney the Golden Retriever, became part of Derek's family and his photography took a very noticeable turn down the path of capturing our 4-legged-friends and their families. This is something he is very passionate about and will strive to get the image you want.

If you ever see a photographer lying flat out in the mud or up to his thighs in water, taking dog photos, the chances are it will be Derek trying to get that perfect action shot or pose.

In his spare time (which isn’t much these days) you will still find him out and about with his camera capturing the North East seascapes, landscapes, birds and wildlife and offering friendly advice to anyone who asks.

Derek strongly believes there is a good photographer in all of us and with today's technology, a bit of advice and coaching, you too can capture fantastic images.

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